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Full text of "Order from Mladic: Prevent Leakage of Military Secrets - July 13, 1995"

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Main Staff of the Army of 
Republika Srpska 
Strictly conf. no. 3/4-1638 
13 July 1995 

Very urgent 


/handwritten:/ To the files 

To the Command: DK /Drina Corps/, 65 zmtp /Motorised Protection Regiment/, 67 
pv /Communications Regiment/, Sector for m, v and pp /Morale, Religious 
and Legal Affairs/ and obbp /Intelligence and Security Services/ - for 
information, 1 st and 5 th plpbr /Podrinje Light Infantry Brigade/, 2 nd rmtbr 
/Romanija Motorised Brigade/, 1 st bpbr /Birac Infantry Brigade/, 1 st blpbr II 
Bratunac Light Infantry Brigade/ , 1 st mlpbr /Milici Light Infantry Brigade/ 
and 1 st vlpbr /Vlasenica Light Infantry Brigade/ 


1 1 th /as printed/ zvpbr /Zvornik Infantry Brigade/ (to the commander personally) 

Prevention of leakage of confidential military information 
in the area of combat operations - order 

In order to ensure the organised conduct of planned combat operations and other 
activities in the wider area of Srebrenica and Zepa, and in order to prevent the leakage 
of confidential information classified as military secrets, I hereby 


1 . By means of a planned and organised control prevent the entry of all uninvited 
individuals to the area of combat operations in the wider areas of Srebrenica and Zepa; 

2. Until further notice close Konjevic Polje - Krvavica - Bratunac and Rogatica 
- Borike - Visegrad roads to traffic, except for m/v /military vehicles/ of the VRS 
/Army of Republika Srpska/ and MUP /Ministry of the Interior/ units engaged in 
combat operations; 

3. Set up road blocks and check-points for the regulation and control of traffic at 
the cross-roads in Konjevic Polje, just outside 111 Bratunac on the road to Kravica, and 
on the Rogatica-Borike and Visegrad-Borike roads; 

4. In the area of combat operations in the wider areas of Srebrenica and Zepa, 
prevent the entry of all local and foreign journalists, except for the journalists of the 
GS VRS /Main Staff of the Army of Republika Srpska/ Press Centre; 

5. Ban and prevent the giving of information, the making of announcements and 
statements to the media regarding the course, situation and results of combat 
operations in this area and the overall activities in this area, particularly on prisoners 
of war, evacuated civilians, escapees and similar. 





Commander /delivery stamp/ 

Colonel General 

/stamp: Command of the 2 nd Romanija Motorised Brigade; strictly confidential no. 
1146/1-95; 14 July 1995/